• Precision Crafted Vocal Microphone
    • Dynamic
    • Supercardioid
    • Extremely smooth response for lead and backup Vocals.
    • World-renowned warmth, clarity and sensitivity to fine detail.
  • Professional quality microphone ideal for lead and backup vocal performance applications.

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  • The microphone is dynamic microphone with a strong, wire-mesh, spherical front grille that contains a highly effective wind and pop filter.
  • Adopting super cardioid dynamic cartridge with highly consistent it creates superb isolation and unsurpassed gain-before-feedback,and is optimized for using in vocal, speaking and instrument performances.
  • The feature of noise absorption eliminates external and handling noise.
  • The microphone provides excellent vocal or speech reproduction on lecterns and stages, and is a popular choice for use in public auditoriums, churches, convention halls, and schools.


  • Type:                                          Dynamic
  • Pattern:                                      super cardioid
  • Frequency Response:               70Hz–16KHz
  • Impenddance:                           400ohm +20%
  • Sensitivity:                                 -51dB+3dB(odB=1V/Par at 1KHz)
  • Body material:                           Zinc alloy
  • Net Weight (Less cable):           216.8g
  • Dimensions:                              52.5dia x 175mm